Venice Florida has quite an amazing variety of quality restaurants, cafés and bars. (I’m thinking particularly of the French café-bakery that makes pastries better than many I’ve tasted in Paris.) Here are some of my favorites.

I should mention that all of these places are very busy during the winter season, and many even in summer. Most don’t take reservations, so it’s first-come, first-served. Some restaurants are closed on Monday.

Seafood Restaurants

Shrimp cocktail
Shrimp, right from the Gulf of Mexico

With the Gulf of Mexico right next door, seafood is a strong suit in Venice. Many seafood restaurants have water views, and some are approachable by boat, but some of the tastiest seafood is actally inland.

Italian & Mediterranean

Made in Italy Restaurant, Venice Florida
Made in Italy Restaurant

Venice has several good Italian restaurants owned and /or operated by Italian chefs. They know the cuisine, both Northern and Southern Italian, and serve it up in pleasant dining rooms or at sidewalk tables.

There’s also a very good Turkish restaurant with authentically-delicious eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

French Restaurants & Cafés

Café Longet, French fusion restaurant in Venice Florida
Café Longet, offering French fusion fare.

Venice has surprisingly good French restaurants—although perhaps it’s not so surprising, given that they were founded by French chefs.

One of them is the best French bakery-café I’ve found outside of Paris.

American Restaurants & Bars

Gold Rush BBQ restaurant, Venice Florida
Tables waiting for you at the Gold Rush BBQ in Venice.

American means eclectic, with varied menus, drinks and decors: barbecue, sports bar, piano bar, everything else, even a fine café for breakfast and lunch in the airport terminal.

Cafés & Bakeries

Upper Crust Café & Bakery, Venice Florida
Upper Crust Café & Bakery: great scones!

Most of these cafés and bakeries serve breakfast and lunch in pleasant surroundings and at sidewalk tables, but they close by mid-afternoon.

Ice Cream & Chocolates

The Soda Fountain, Venice Florida
Venice even has an old-fashioned soda fountain.

Summer or winter, Venice’s several fine creameries, gelaterias and chocolate shops are busy with customers.